Sushi Tris? No, thank you, Sushi Three!
Sushi Three! is a simple, yet addictive game based on the old tic-tac-toe game concept mixed with the more recent game style of big blockbusters like Candy Crush Saga with a twist. The player has to place into 9 dishes some sushi ingredients (small, medium, large or combinations of them) to create a set of three in a row (tris), column or diagonal in order to clear the same ingredients and try to avoid any remainders from getting stuck behind.

Every combination gives the player points based on the number of same ingredients that are cleared. Creating chain combinations will start a combo effect for more points and a greater combo multiplier, plus a higher chance of activating funny and powerful power-ups.

Making a long story short
Sushi Three! is the story of our funny but righteous Hidekazu Sensei, the master of sushi and the teacher of every new player who will embark on this incredible little adventure into the sushi world. You are his newest apprentice and to please him you will have to quickly learn the secrets of his sushi exploding skills in order to reach a higher level of ability. There is just one rule in Hidekazu’s kitchen: there aren’t any rules.

A little bit of Japan every day
Developing this game we used the push notifications in a creative way, (so, please activate them, you won’t regret it!) To increase the motivation of players seeing our notifications, some reminders are inspired by the famous Japanese “haiku”. If you were wondering whether we are “Japan maniacs” the answer is: YES. We’re also developers, so why not merge ours two loves?

Wax on, wax off
Sushi Three! was born after a dinner with the team at our preferred sushi restaurant. We were having some fun “play-stealing” sushi rolls from our team member’s dishes in order to create rows of them (everyone has their own favorite sushi roll, don’t they?!). Here we were “enlightened”. This part of the story could sound absurd and incredible, but it’s true. We swear! Because at the restaurant we hadn’t any pen & paper to take notes so we started writing on the serviettes (yes, you read well) using the chopsticks and the soya sauce. Needless to say, we finished dinner as fast as possible to prevent the restaurant owners from beating us up!


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