We’ve reviewed a lot of stickman games for iOS and Android on Edamame Reviews. Although most of them are from BYV Games and involve archers, axes, slingshots, or some other form of projectile, today we’ve got something different. Stick Fight (by Homecooked Games) is an all-out brawl that takes place atop a rumbling train…🚂

Sandwiched by enemies on either side of you, Stick Fight is a game about punching, kicking, slashing and spearing your way to victory as you ruthlessly butcher one enemy after another in an infinite flurry of blood and guts! Personally, we don’t really enjoy the blood and guts part too much, so it is nice that Homecooked Games added an option to disable it. 💉😱

Played by either tapping on the left or right sides of the display in order to attack left or right, Stick Fight is played by attacking the enemies closest to you that you can actually hit. You see, beneath each enemy is either a black or white dot which indicates whether or not they can be hit by your player. If you tap too early, your player’s attack won’t reach your opponent – and in most cases – GAME OVER! 👾

Sometimes you can recover in time to launch yet another attack before your opponent kills you – so don’t give up! – However, it is best to try and hit your opponent with your first attack…

As you progress through the game, you will be given coins which can be used to unlock new items and weapons which can be used to power up the looks of your player. As far as we know they don’t have any other practical use other than looking cool…

Other than cool items, you will also be given missions you must complete in order to challenge the masters for your next belt. As far as we know, belts give you new weapons and bragging rights… that’s it…😅

With excellent visuals, simple controls, and lots of unlockable items/weapons for you to try out, Stick Fight is a great game. However, we would like to see a few more gameplay options in future. Right now the game can get sort of repetitive.

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing stickman games, it’s a no-brainer, you need this game! With simple controls, great graphics, and lots of unlockable things this is great little game we really enjoyed!

All we need now is the skill to get a Black Belt…

Want to give Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior a try? The download link is just below.📲
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