Smash Fu by Bit Free Games – Review

⚠️Before reading this review, we have one warning⚠️ The game we are about to show you contains extreme levels of “Smash!” which may cause some “Overly Excited” readers to accidentally smash a hole in their smart device, when trying to press the “Download Button.” Continue reading with caution…

Smash Fu is a game every “Smash!” loving kung fu addict must have! This super unoriginal game – Just look at it! It’s Piano Tiles! – is super easy to play, and will literally take you 23 seconds to figure out. No thinking required! Only Smash!

(For those of you who haven’t played Smash Fu or Piano Tiles, here’s how the game is played.)

Blocks rain from above in Smash Fu and black or white tiles in Piano Tiles that you the player must rhythmically tap on before they fall all the way to the bottom of your screen.

As you have probably already guessed, mixed in with these “Blocks” and “Tiles” are Traps, Bombs, and Cash, that you either want to collect, or definitely don’t want to collect, depending on the game.

(End of quick explanation)

In Smash Fu there are Blocks, Gold Bars, and Fortune Cookies, you can smash, mixed in with some Explosives you can’t smash, pretty simple.

Now, for the question many readers who have played the insanely fast Piano Tiles are probably wondering, how playable is Smash Fu? The answer is “Very!” Smash Fu starts off at a slow and easy pace that slowly picks up until it becomes well and truly impossible for most players, but we will assure you, the majority of players will get a good 1 minute or so of fun out of this game before they have to start over.

So, do you think you need some more “Smash!” in your life?

If so, why not start by “Gently😓” smashing the download button below?

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