Ramen + HP Omen – It’s a Pun Ok…

Having free food handed out to you by HP Omen at a game show is one of the least expected and most exciting experiences we (and many others) had at Tokyo Game Show! Obviously, this kind act of generosity toward hungry gameshow attendees was not taken lightly, and before long HP O-men was Trending on Twitter…

If you saw this, you probably laughed and wondered why they chose to hand out Ramen Noodles. The answer is much simpler than you may think. (You may have already worked it out)

HP O-men is essentially¬†a Pun… 😂

As some of you may know, the “men” in the word “Ramen” means noodles in Japanese. And since there is a “men” in HP Omen, there you have it. The most expensive pun at Tokyo Game Show 2018! 😂

If you already knew this, well… sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Oh, yes, they also handed out cans of Monster we later wondered if we were supposed to use to boil our¬†ramen noodles… Maybe next time we will try that… 😂🤢

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