Publishing to Nintendo Switch in Japan

This article must be read with a grain or two of salt, and a healthy dose of skepticism, so please keep that in mind as you read what we are about to say… At Tokyo Game Show 2018 we stumbled upon an interesting rumor surrounding the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PS4.

According to the rumor, Nintendo is far more “likely” to hand out Nintendo Switch publishing licenses to Japanese Developer Studios than they are to Overseas Studios. Although we have 0 actual evidence to back up this theory, it was a widely spread rumor among the indie booths at Tokyo Game Show 2018, which made us question whether or not this rumor actually had some truth to it…?

The second rumor, on the other hand, was that Sony is far more likely to hand out PS4 publishing licenses to studios overseas as opposed to studios within Japan. Yet another interesting rumor with no actual evidence to back it up…

Whether either of these rumors is true or not, we do not know, but considering how widespread they were among indie-developers, it may be interesting to do some more research in future.🤔

Have you heard any rumors like this…?

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