Pen Run – Next level doodling for iOS and Android…😂😂😂

Do you remember when Ketchapp games were being featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play almost daily? It has been soooo long since we last featured a game from Ketchapp, and we think we may have just found something pretty cool…

Pen Run (by Ketchapp and Mempic) is a game about a bunch of self-supporting pens on a mission to get to the end of a colorful 3D obstacle course before time runs out.

Set on a stage made of household objects you might find strewn about the floor of a 10-year-old’s bedroom, the game is played by skillfully dragging your finger left and right across the screen of your device in order to avoid colliding with any obstacles.

The controls in this game are incredibly responsive – so much so that it is almost difficult to control your pen without drifting into an obstacle by accident. This is probably not a bug, so you’ll need to get used to these controls if you want to get anywhere in this game…😂

Featuring a level based gameplay system, the game slowly increases in difficulty by increasing the length of each stage, requiring you to survive for longer and longer periods of time in order to progress to the next level. Two cool things about this system are that the game starts out easy-ish for beginners, and the level layouts aren’t fixed.

This means you can essentially get stuck on a level for weeks without playing the same “layout” twice!

With beautifully colorful signature Ketchapp graphics, Pen Run is one of those games that reminds us why we used to love playing Ketchapp games so much. It also made us kind of curious why Ketchapp doesn’t seem to be doing so well in this new market?

…perhaps it has something to do with attempting to implement sneaky $10 weekly subscriptions within games… 😓

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a good looking game no one is playing “yet”, this is a game we highly recommend you check out, because it may just be the game that sparks Ketchapp’s come back!

But even if it doesn’t it is still fun either way so, it is well worth giving a try!

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