Paul Pixel – A super easy to play “Story Based” game…!

Do you like games that are based around a story? Instead of aimlessly tapping on the screen of your device, do you rather play games where each and every one of your taps could become an essential turning point in a story? Here’s a game you should probably check out.

Paul Pixel is a game about a guy named Paul Pixel and a crazy zombie slaying adventure he accidentally becomes a major part of. The game starts with earth suddenly being attacked by a massive swarm of infectious alien zombies that stampede through the streets of almost everywhere in search of new victims to infect with their deadly bites!

Your mission in this game is, well, actually mostly unknown. For starters you’ll be required to survive, but besides “Not getting bitten!” your mission changes throughout the story and the situation in which you find yourself.

The game is played using simple tap controls and logic, and overall is a very easy game to play, just so long as you actually read what the characters around you are saying. Although very simple to play control wise, sometimes we found the tasks and solutions to tasks just a little forced and slightly impractical…

Overall Paul Pixel is a nicely made pixel style story game we don’t see nearly enough of lately.

Have you been waiting for a game that actually has a story? If so, the wait is over!

Paul Pixel is a super easy-to-play story based game pixel art fans will love!

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