Path to God – …Man this is going to be a long trip…

Climbing stairs is easy… Although climbing 3746 stairs leading up to an ancient Chinese Temple will no doubt make you tired, the act of simply climbing stairs isn’t actually all that difficult. …or is it…!

Path to God is a game about climbing an eternally expanding staircase leading up to presumably heaven. …or HELL… Either way, it doesn’t really matter because you will never ever make it to the end…💀

Played using simple (tap to climb) controls, your mission in this game is to either tap on the left or right side of your screen in order to climb one stair (up and to the left) or one stair (up and to the right). Pretty simple.

The game starts off fairly slowly, and so as long as you are capable of distinguishing left from right you should be able to climb fairly high before things start getting difficult…

Although you can probably already guess how this game ultimately kills players, (i.e. by speeding up to a level humans simply cannot comprehend) most of the deaths in this game will actually occur way before you reach a truly “impossible” speed.

With a gameplay system and graphics that make it extremely easy to misjudge left from right, Path to God is a game that will force you to play game after game in a futile attempt to redeem your self-esteem…

Think you know how to follow directions? Think again!
Path to God is a game that will prove to you that you still don’t really know your left from your right… 

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