No – The greatest (.io) game ever…?

Are you in love with (.io) games? If you haven’t figured it out already, we are(!), and today we have yet another mobile (.io) game for you to enjoy! …or despise, the choice is yours…

No is a game centered around racing through simple 2D stages in hopes of coming first place #1. In reality, you’ll probably end up lowering your expectations and begin hoping to finish the race at all! Saying this game is difficult is an understatement…😅

The way your character – a colorful creature of literally all different shapes and sizes – moves around each track is likely best described as a racecar that can only ever accelerate and has close to no grip on its tires. A disaster…

In case this doesn’t sound bad enough, if you so much as touch the edges of the track you are on, it is pretty much all over for you… In addition to less than ideal controls, there are also a bunch of different power-ups that are designed specifically to knock players into walls, each other, and generally wreak havoc on anyone trying to play the game normally.

At this point you may be wondering, “is a game like this actually any fun?” and our answer would be yes… to a degree… 

Although very difficult, especially since you are playing against bloodthirsty players who just love to kill one another, if you’re after a game that relies solely on your skill as a player, this is “another” great (.io) game for your smartphone!

If you’re addicted to that surge of satisfaction you feel after completing a game that seems impossible, then this is the game for you! However, if you’d rather play a game that doesn’t kill you 90% of the time, No probably isn’t the best choice…😅

Check out Cosmo Race instead!

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