There aren’t all that many great multiplayer games for mobile. For starters, a lot of the time a second player is a requirement(!) (i.e. there is no single player mode) and trying to split your already small smartphone screen evenly between two players while still reserving enough room to squeeze in a banner ad is a disaster waiting to happen…

So today, when we found a runner game designed for “either” 1 or 2 players, we simply had to give it a try!

Narcissus is a basic 2D runner game based on the simple concept of jumping from one floating chunk of land to another without accidentally falling to your death. Pretty simple… If it weren’t for the second player…

Played using simple (tap to jump) controls, your mission in this game is to control two players, one running above, the other running below, from falling to either of their deaths. If you happen to be playing this game alone, chances are you’ll find Narcissus hard from the very first level!

Sometimes one player will be required to jump just slightly higher than the other, while other times you can clear a jump by simply jumping at the exact same time, either way, Narcissus is much easier to play with a friend rather than alone…

With modernized pixel graphics, a well-designed multiplayer interface – with no banner ads squeezed in the middle – this is the perfect game for one of those annoyingly popular people who always seem to have a group of friends ready to play video games😋

The Conclusion

Are you one of those annoyingly popular people who need a new game to satisfy your fans, we mean, friends? If so, you may have just found what you were looking for.

Want to give Narcissus a try? The download link is just below😉

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