Looper – You are your own worst enemy…😈

Can you remember way back to a time when a game called Lemmings was all the rage? Released way back in 1991, Lemmings is estimated to have sold around 20 million copies!? Today we’ve got a game that carries on the Lemmings spirit…

Looper is a simple game that will teach you a whole lot you didn’t want to know about yourself… Set on a monotone 2D stage, your mission in this game is to get from the gate you spawned at to the goal without dying.💀

At set intervals a carbon copy of your player will spawn and follow in your footsteps perfectly(!), doing absolutely everything you did even if it means certain death…
Thus the name Looper.🔄

Played using a simple set of on screen buttons you can use to move Left/Right and Jump, Looper is very easy to play just so long as you are on good terms with yourself from 20~30 seconds in the past…

Although not so much the case in the lower levels, as you progress through the game you will be required to take advantage of the actions you previously took in order to open doors, prevent collisions and much, much more.

With a clean set of 2D graphics, a minimal number of ads, and an abundance of levels for you to puzzle your way through wishing “you” from 20 seconds ago was just a little bit smarter…

So, whether you’re a Lemmings fan looking for a nostalgic remake of your favorite game back from 1991 or are simply in need of a taste of your own medicine 😈 Looper is fast, fun and 100% free!

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