Karl2 – Ninja are your enemies in this game!?

If you thought Ninja were always the good guys in movies, well then you are wrong! Ninja are often portrayed as the enemy in many modern and classic Japanese movies, manga, and video games, as well as Karl2 (by 111%) which happens to be the game we are reviewing today…

In short, Karl2 is essentially angry birds with samurai, or at least that’s what it feels like once you’ve played the game for a while. Set on an open 2D battlefield, your mission in this game is to tap and drag on the screen of your device in order to sort of slingshot your player at enemy ninja scattered around the map.

If left alone for too long, (which will happen all the time), these ninja will fire a stupid number of shuriken at you which quickly transform Karl2 into less of a slingshot-style ninja slasher, and more into a sort of bullet hell style avoider game…😅

If you plan your attacks carefully, it isn’t too hard for you to plan out an attack route that won’t end in a disaster, but often this will require you to mess up a few times beforehand, which is sad and annoying but makes the game a lot smoother in the long run.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new and more powerful weapons which will allow you to take out bigger and stronger opponents with ease and using the coins you receive each time you slay an enemy, you can power up the base stats of your player!

Now, we can’t really talk about a free game without getting into the Ads. Karl2 features a moderate number of Ads which do get a little annoying, but hey, at least it isn’t every time you GAME OVER?

The Conclusion

With nice brush stroke style artwork, simple controls, plenty of upgrades, and a forgivable number of Ads, what can we say? Karl2 is a fun little ninja slasher game for iOS and Android, built to satisfy that hidden Ninja hater within!

…or just kill time, it’s your call… 😂

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