Chances are, in your lifetime you have attempted to perform 2 tasks of seemingly equal difficulty simultaneously. Although some may argue that women are better than men at performing tricky tasks like this, try writing 2 separate sentences with your left and right hand simultaneously… It’s hard…!

HYPER BEAM is a game about controlling two separate players simultaneously in order to avoid enemies, destroy enemies, and if you’re really lucky… Not Die…💀

Played using 2 sets of joystick style swipe controls to move your players around the screen, HYPER BEAM is a game that – in an ideal universe – would allow you to speedily zip around the stage, destroying countless enemies using a super powerful laser beam that connects your 2 players! If only we all had an ultra fast reaction time

Unless you are one of the few elite players with a reaction time like a champion, chances are HYPER BEAM is going to be a surprisingly difficult game for you to play. Although the game is far more playable than some other games we’ve reviewed in the past, playing this game at a respectable level definitely isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

For players who have enough skill to admire the graphics in this game without dying, HYPER BEAM features a beautiful set of mystical space like graphics combined with a set of retro space invader style graphics that create a really interesting blend of old and new. Definitely worth taking a look at…!

Overall, is this a game we’d recommend to everyone? Probably not.

This being said, if you have a reaction time and enough skill to handle the insane gameplay in HYPER BEAM, chances are this is a game you will wish you knew about earlier!

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