Harvest is a very interesting game. Although its target audience could be players anywhere from 5 to about 10 years of age, when you stop for a moment and think about what is actually happening in this game, you’ll soon realize just how terrifying Harvest is!

Based around the simple concept of, (Farm Vegetables ➡️ Sell Vegetables ➡️ Farm “More” Vegetables ➡️ Sell “More” Vegetables 🔁 ) this is probably the type of game you’d give to a 6-year-old entrepreneur who doesn’t know all that much about combine harvesters… yet…

You see, unlike Egg, Inc. (A great game for “adult” entrepreneurs😉) Harvest looks like a 3D storybook. All the characters look super cuddly and to an extent, it is actually hard to game over. On top of that, unlike Egg, Inc. where a lot of your time is spent waiting, in Harvest you’ll be required to play a simple runner game to harvest the vegetables you sell. Now, this is where it gets scary (for adults).

Perhaps it is an effective way of getting your workers to work faster? Who knows, but in this game you will be required to run in front of a runaway combine harvester, collecting vegetables, while jumping over boulders, hay bails, and whatever else might be in your way in order to survive💀😱

mcqueen-matter-frankTerrifying combine harvester scene?

For kids who haven’t recently seen the terrifying combine harvester scene in the popular movie Cars, this game shouldn’t leave too many long lasting scars…😓

This said it is still a terrifying thought…

Ok, enough about combine harvesters.

Without being silly, if you’ve got a child – or know of a child – who loves the idea of becoming a farmer when he or she grows up, this is a very nice super high-quality game, they may enjoy.

The Conclusion

With super cute characters, surprisingly high-quality graphics and animations, a decent gameplay system, and a terrifying combine harvester, this game has above and beyond anything you would ever normally expect to find in a child’s game.

Got – or know of – a kid who could use a special gift? The download link is just below😉

This game is ranked “B” due to fact that it isn’t the type of game the majority of “our” users would enjoy. Based on pure game quality Harvest is an A Rank game.

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