Ever heard of JUDO? Based entirely on throwing people, JUDO is a fairly popular martial art in Japan. Even though we’d heard of JUDO, for some reason we hadn’t heard of Gelato flicker, (a game where you throw ice cream!) until just a few days ago…

In this crazy game, your mission is to literally throw ice cream at your customers. Attacked by a sea of people crazy for their ice cream, your job is to respond to hundreds of requests by swiping up, down, left, or right, to literally throw ice cream right into the awaiting cones of your customers.

The game itself is fairly easy to play in the sense of the game system, but once you start talking about gameplay, it’s nearly as hectic as working in a real ice cream shop at snack time. Well, I guess that’s what you’re doing… Right…?

You’ll be given scoops of ice cream to throw in a stack, and can only throw one at a time. By tapping on the screen you can quickly switch the order of the stack, which is an essential tool when playing because, each customer will more often than not order something different, meaning you’ll often have to switch the order you serve out the ice cream in order to complete your customer’s request. To complete your days work in time, you’ll need to switch orders, do half an order here and finish it there, and pretty much practice managing chaos. It’s difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Gelato Flicker_SS1 Gelato Flicker_SS2

So, if throwing ice cream at your customers is something you’ve always wanted to do, Gelato Flicker is the way to do it! Don’t do it at a real ice cream shop, you’ll probably get yourself fired or arrested…

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