Let’s get straight to the point, this game is ridiculous.

Have you checked The Apple App Store’s latest “featured games” lately? If your answer to this question is, “No” (Or you happen to be reading this review 5 years from now) chances are you’ve never heard of Fish Fist.

Fish Fist is a crazy game, (i.e. As in, seriously unbelievably crazy). Chances are the first image that flashed into your mind the moment you heard the name, “Fish Fist” is in fact a relatively accurate image of the actual game itself…

So what is Fish Fist? If you haven’t figured it out already, this game is a game about punching fish that jump from a lake or pond with your extremely long arm. Your arm will slowly move from one edge of your screen to another, and will extend (i.e. Punch) when you tap on the screen.

Does this game make any sense? “No” Do you need to play it more than once? “No” Does it make both you and your friends laugh? “Most probably, Yes”

The Conclusion

Would you like a disposable game that will probably get you all the laughs you could ever want from your average game in around 30 minutes? …before it quickly becomes junk on your phone?

If so, Fish Fist is the most ridiculous and almost impossible to understand game we’ve seen in pretty much forever.

Want to give it a try? The download link is just below 😉

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