Do you love playing fast-paced racing games where speedy decision making and a lightning-fast reaction time are the keys to success? If so, today we’ve got a game that will probably disappoint you. It isn’t fast, it isn’t crazy or uncontrollable… it shockingly basic…

Finger Driver (by Ketchapp and tauruo) is the slowest mobile game with a car in it we’ve ever seen. Designed to entertain fully-grown adults (not small 3-year-olds) with its sluggish speed, Finger Driver is one of those games you download out of curiosity. The curiosity to know just how bad this game could possibly be…

After downloading the game and playing for a few moments, you’ll soon discover just why this game isn’t sold as an app for 3-year-olds. Finger Driver isn’t exactly your typical racing game. Although the speed at which your car moves looks sluggish while you’re not in control of the wheel, grab hold of the virtual steering wheel at the center of your screen and you’ll soon realize Finger Driver is a game about handling.

Finger Driver

With a turning circle similar to the cheap $10.00 RC cars, you can buy at your local toy store or mall, Finger Driver is a game that resembles how adults play with the RC cars they bought for their children. Set up an obstacle course and try not to crash.

Although a game most adults have probably played at some point in their lives, Finger Driver makes things a little harder thanks to a simple yet difficult to master control system and a car that can’t exactly reverse… In case you were wondering, there was never a point in the game where we thought we were faced with an impossible turn or corner. Even though we never felt cheated, there is no changing the fact that the game is incredibly difficult.

The Conclusion

With a bunch of different cars (and a UFO) for you to unlock, not too many Ads to interrupt your gameplay and a control system that is simple yet challenging, Finger Driver is a slow and easy racing handling game we actually found really fun and enjoyable.

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