Fatal Flap – Don’t expect to win this game… You won’t… 💀

Recently, during a different project, we were discussing with a group of gamers why they play games. About 20% answered – because they had nothing better to do, about 30% answered -because games are fun(!), but the most common answer – the remaining 50% – was because they like to win!

If you’re a player who likes to win, stop reading now…

WE WARNED YOU! Fatal Flap (by Tiny Games and AIVAgames) is a flappy style avoider game that is designed to kill you. Starting out on a mostly red and blue stage filled with deadly obstacles that are either designed to kill you directly, or kill you indirectly via distraction, this game is well… annoying… 😅

With simple Flappy Bird style controls – you “should” at this point, be a pro at using – obstacles in plain sight that don’t hide or suddenly jump out at you, and, depending on the mode you are playing in, often the obstacles you are faced with will be in the same order over and over again until you eventually win…

For players who like to win, the way this game will relentlessly kill you over and over again is more than just a little annoying! It almost feels as though Fatal Flap is insulting you(!) which – for victory loving gamers – is all the more reason to continue playing… until you eventually win…!

Depending on your personality, this game could be really addictive, however, this doesn’t mean it’s perfect. For instance, the UI could really use some work. With a similar color scheme used for both buttons and labels, we found ourselves tapping on things we weren’t supposed to be tapping on and ignoring buttons we were supposed to be taking notice of! It took us way too long to discover that this game even had extra Game Modes!

All in all, if you don’t mind spending a bit of time wandering through the UI, Fatal Flap isn’t too hard to figure out and should be simple and easy enough for most players to play and enjoy to one degree or another.

The Conclusion

If you’re after a new game for your iOS or Android device that (1) doesn’t have too many ads, and (2) doesn’t  strongly encourage you to join a $9.00 / week premium subscription, this is one of the few games we’ve played recently that is actually just a game. Nothing more, nothing less.

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