Edges Endless – Your next puzzling companion…!

Do you enjoy playing simple and relaxing puzzle games every once in a while? We do, or at least, we do when they are actually relaxing…😉 

Edges Endless is a truly relaxing puzzle game. With no time limit, no super difficult or sophisticated rules, and a mostly silent gameplay system (except for a few small sound effects here and there), this would be the perfect puzzle game to have as you luxuriously lounge about in your back yard listening to your favorite music while sipping a cold glass of tropical fruit juice🍹

The game is played in a similar fashion to the once insanely popular 1010! in that, you are required to touch and drag blocks onto a 5 by 5 grid in order to create squares and rectangles you can eliminate, a little like in Tetris, just with one key difference….

You see, the puzzles in Edges Endless are made up of individual colored blocks. Unlike Tetris and 1010! where each piece is made up of a collection blocks, the pieces you’ll be working with in this game are simple 1 by 1 squares, most of which will have a different color on all 4 sides.

Your mission in this game is to place blocks so as to connect matching colored sides and build either a rectangle or a square, which will – just like in Tetris – vanish, giving you points and more space to work with.

Over time the game does become rather challenging, but as we stated above since there is no time limit you have plenty of time to slowly ponder over your next move as the cool breeze and gently rocking hammock slowly usher you into a lovely afternoon nap…💤

Need a simple game you can pick up, and play for as long or as short as you like? (Before you fall asleep?) You won’t find a puzzle game much simpler than Edges Endless😉

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