Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker (by GameCoaster) is a game that will change your perspective on how you see Dungeon Boss Battles. For better or for worse, this game will probably change the way you perceive Dark Overlords forever…

Dungeon Maker is a card-based strategy RPG about creating an impenetrable dungeon and killing brave heroes who dare to oppose your absolute authority. After selecting your Dark Overlord, it is up to you to slowly upgrade your dungeon using the Monsters, Items, and Gold you collect each time you win a battle in order to make your dungeon more deadly!

Similar to a tower defense game, Dungeon Maker is played in distinct waves which become more and more challenging as you progress through the game.

Each time you win a battle, you will be given the opportunity to collect items, upgrade your dungeon, and prepare for the next day (or wave). Unlike a tower defense game however, you are actually given some control over how each new day will play out.

After each battle, you will be given the choice between 3 cards which dictate how the new day will play out. Will you spend the day shopping, battling heroes, upgrading your dungeons, etc? It is essentially up to you.

After playing through a few battles in this game, it will soon become apparent that there are many, many different strategies which can be used to create your dungeon – which is where this game gets really tricky…

Ultimately, your mission in this game is to survive as many waves as possible. That being said, how you go about accomplishing this task is entirely up to you. There are so many different ways in which you “could” play this game, it is virtually impossible for us to cover all or even most of the strategies in this very short review.

If you would like us to attempt to cover some of the best strategies in Dungeon Maker, please don’t forget to leave a comment down below! ⬇️

The Conclusion

Do you actually enjoy playing as the antagonist? If so this is a game that was practically designed for you, especially if you are a busy person.

Although Dungeon Maker can’t exactly play itself – because there is a lot of strategy involved in playing Dungeon Maker – it will automate the battling in Dungeon Maker which makes it easy enough to play while doing something else like writing a review. 😉

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