Crossy Dots – Seeing the big picture is everything!

How good were you at playing Crossy Road? In our opinion, we weren’t too bad, although we definitely weren’t brilliant. Today we’ve got a game you’ll need some serious skill to play without dying…

If Crossy Road was a game about “taking risks”, (i.e. crossing a busy road) Crossy Dots is a game about “analyzing risks.” Similar, but very different.

For players who fell in love with Crossy Road when it was the most popular thing to play on the App Store, Crossy Dots is a very similar game just with all the risks constantly visible. Unlike in Crossy road where you have no idea when a car could come charging down the road you are standing on, Crossy Dots will almost always have everything that “could kill you” constantly on the screen.

Played by tapping on the screen to jump up lanes crossing over the screen of your device, your mission in this game is to jump from slowly moving line to slowly moving line while avoiding getting hit by the colorful gems that also move along the lines you’ll be required to jump to.

Now, if it were just the slowly moving gems on the lanes you jump to, Crossy Dots would be a very simple game. Unfortunately(?) this isn’t the case. This game has numerous gems orbiting randomly positioned points, stray gems that fly across the screen and more! This makes judging whether a gap in the lane ahead of you is “truly” safe or not.

If you have exceptional spatial awareness skills, this game should be a breeze! …But, for the majority of us who can’t focus on 100 moving objects at once, Crossy Dots isn’t an easy game to play…

Do you love games where seeing the big picture is the key to success? Crossy Dots is an exceptionally challenging game where the obstacle that will end up killing you is on the screen 99% of the time. Unfortunately you often “don’t see it” until it’s too late…

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