Crazy Conveyors

Don’t let the bad fruit ruin the day, take control of the crazy conveyor belts to make the world’s best smoothies!

The original idea for Crazy Conveyors came to me many years ago but it was only recently that I had the time to put it all together.

I like games to be easy to learn and not require too many controls. Hopefully, you will find that Crazy Conveyors does just that! 😆

How to play?

Your job in Crazy Conveyors is to control the direction of the conveyor belts. Simply ‘tap’ on a conveyor in order to change the direction in which it carries fruit. The green arrows below the conveyor belt indicate the current direction in which it is moving.

Some levels require vertical scrolling, so swipe up and down to view the whole level.

Top tip! You can alter the direction of the conveyors while the pause menu is activated. 😜


👉30 Tricky and fun levels

👉Simple Controls

👉Contains Juicy looking fruit



About – Welshcake Games

Welshcake Games is a one-man game studio based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Crazy Conveyors was developed with the Corona game development SDK.

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