Do you love setting out on daring and dangerous adventures!? (In video games…?) If so, today we’ve got a super tricky runner game you’ll struggle to master…

Cliff Hopper is a super simple one tap 2D/3D adventure style runner game. Featuring a gameplay system that allows you to play the game by simply tapping on the screen of your device, your mission in this game is to tap in a timely manner in order to avoid falling off the stage, getting spiked, and/or generally getting hurt…

The game itself is fairly easy to play, and as long as you are looking out for what lies ahead, you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding the many deadly obstacles in this game.

That said, your taps in this game can either do one of 2 things. If you tap on the screen of your device as your player reaches a bend in the stage, your player will automatically turn in whatever direction is necessary. However, if you tap at any other time, your player will simply jump, allowing you to jump over obstacles, gaps, “and” the last brick at a bend

The single easiest way to die in Cliff Hopper is to tap too early at a bend in the stage and fall to your death…💀

Now, if you happen to be a devoted pixel graphics fan, chances are this (free) game will pretty much sell itself. Featuring a set of 2D/3D pixel graphics like the graphics found in Crossy Road, Cliff Hopper is a nice cross between the past and the present that most pixel graphics fans should really enjoy.

The Conclusion

With decent graphics, a simple gameplay system, and plenty of characters to unlock, Cliff Hopper is the perfect game for every thrill-seeking couch potato!

Ready to set off on a daring adventure from the comfort of your very own couch?
The download link is just below😉

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