Brick Breaker Ultimatum – Retro, Fun & Fast

Brick Breaker Ultimatum is a fast-paced arcade brick smasher game for Android, iOS & FireTV

With simple and easy “Touch and Drag” controls, your mission in Brick Breaker Ultimatum is to complete the many different stages you are faced with in this game. Sometimes you will be required to break all the bricks in a given level whereas other times you will be faced with stages where you are required to collect stars, turn on all the lights or even defeat bosses!

With a whole lot of cool Power-Ups, many different Upgrades, and a large variety of challenging levels for you to try out, you will have hours of fun playing Brick Breaker Ultimatum.

How to play?

Brick Breaker Ultimatum is simple and easy to play. Simply touch and drag your paddle left & right in order to avoid losing the ball.

Be quick or be dead! Crush the bricks, get power-ups, collect gems for upgrades and try to get some serious high scores!


– Fast-paced arcade style action
– 55-levels
– Bosses to defeat
– A lot of Power-Ups
– Many upgrades


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