Bouncy Blocks ■ by DeadCool – Review

If you were a rabbit visiting Antarctica when the sea level suddenly began to rise – Super Global Warming + High Tide? – what would you do? Probably drown… “Game Over!” End of Review… Well, the rabbit in Bouncy Blocks ■ had a little more luck…

If you added large chunks of ice floating in the sky – don’t ask how – to the situation above, what would happen then? Well, you’d probably jump up them in order to get away from the water. It seems the rabbit in Bouncy Blocks ■ had the same idea.

Your mission in this game is to jump up large chunks of floating ice in order to get away from the ever rising sea level. One addition you’ll need to look out for are birds. Though colorful, harmless creatures at first sight, if you so much as scrape your ear against one of them, instantly “Poof!” You’ll become a shower of pink fur…

Though a simple minimalist game, with an equally simple concept, playing Bouncy Blocks ■ can be surprisingly difficult with the ominous sea from below and the birds from above…

Bouncy Blocks ■_SS1 Bouncy Blocks ■_SS2

If jumping up chunks of floating ice sounds like fun, Bouncy Blocks ■ is a beautiful minimalist game just for you. Plus, just like Drop Block ■ the soundtrack is amazing.

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