Drop Block ■ by DeadCool – Review

Have you ever bought something, only to find it was nothing like what you had expected? For us Drop Block ■ was a game we nearly didn’t review, mind you, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad game! It’s just that Drop Block ■ was nothing like we had expected…

From the name and icon, Drop Block ■ “looks” like your average game, and in a sense, it is. The graphics are nice with a clean minimalist touch, and the simple instructions “Touch to Jump” are so common, at first glance there’s not all that much to notice. The real surprise comes in after you “start” the game…

Drop Block ■ is almost impossible. Just to illustrate, there’s actually a game called Almost Impossible, and it’s definitely a hard game, but even so, it’s still no match for the difficulty of Drop Block ■

The game is played by sliding from one edge of the “screen” or “floor” to the other, and jumping over obstacles that get in your way. Once your player reaches the other side of the floor, you will “drop down” to the next floor and repeat the process, thus fitting the name Drop Block ■

The concept is simple, and so are the controls, but the game play… Not so easy… In fact this game is so impossibly difficult, it could nearly be labeled annoying… If played as just a “game…”

Whether this is the way the developer intended for us to play the game we don’t know, but the moment we plugged our ear buds in, we were blown away. Drop Block ■ has one of the best soundtracks we have ever heard in a game. The music is so good, and the graphics fit it so well, we played the game over and over again just to listen to the music!

Drop Block ■_SS1 Drop Block ■_SS2

Our last line “just to listen to the music!” probably isn’t quite true. If it weren’t for the the game, which gave the rest of our senses – besides our ears – something to enjoy, there would have been no way we would play Drop Block ■ 100 times in a row.

The music, the graphics, and the game play, when united makes this game totally awesome. Don’t play in mute mode!

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