Bit Summit Volume.6 (Recap 5/5) – UkiyoWave – Necrosphere – samuraiJET – The Messenger – SAMURAI INFERNO CASTLE – Block King – Knuckle Sandwich – SIMULACRA – URA-LOGICQ³ – ASTRO NINJA MAN – Counterhero Chapter 1

FOR THE LAST TIME… Did you make it to BitSummit Volume.6? (Part 5)

We hope you did because the show was awesome!

For those of you who did – and didn’t – make it to BitSummit Volume.6 (2018) this is our recap (5/5) of the coolest games for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Nintendo Switch and even the classic NES!? – which was originally released by Nintendo back in 1983 – so without any hesitation, let’s get started.

Just as a side note, this isn’t a recap of everything at BitSummit… It’s a recap (5/5) of only the coolest things you definitely won’t want to miss! 😉

UkiyoWave by NEKOUP at BitSummit

UkiyoWave is a ridiculously awesome, “traditional Japanese style” surfing game for iOS and Android. Obviously, the game isn’t actually traditional, but the art style definitely is.

Played using a simple set of swipe-based controls, your mission in this game is to continue surfing on the countless waves that crash down from the top of the screen without getting washed out of view.

Although the controls are easy enough to get used to, the game itself is rather challenging and may take you a while to really get the hang of…

Necrosphere by Cat Nigiri at BitSummit

If you love playing annoying games like VVVVVV, Necrosphere (by Cat Nigiri) is a game you’ll want to check out. Set in the Necrosphere, the game starts off by informing you that (1) you are dead, (2) you were shot in the head, and (3) you are a secret agent.

Whether or not you find this out within the game or not we do not know, but according to one of the developers, your comrades can somehow transmit messages into the Necrosphere (a.k.a. Hell) but can’t actually go there themselves to rescue you? Not exactly sure how that works but anyway…

The game is set for release on iOS and Android between August and September, and we intend on giving it another try once it becomes available!

samuraiJET by Game or Die at BitSummit

samuraiJET is a creative new game about a jet-propelled samurai and more enemies than most people can probably handle! Set in a world that looks like a Japanese doodle from a couple of hundred years ago, your mission (at the moment) is to kill enemies until a door appears which will allow you to escape.
…and that’s about it…

The game is scheduled for release on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch some time in 2019 which is still quite a while away. We look forward to seeing what happens to our jet-propelled killing machine! 💀

The Messenger by Sabotage at BitSummit

We don’t have a lot to say about this game other than the developers are lovely people and the graphics are awesome! Set in a pixelated 8-bit world, The Messenger is the story of a bored Ninja messenger who is eventually given something exciting to do.

Sent on a mission to deliver a message to the future(?) – we’re not 100% sure here – the graphics in this game are constantly – yes constantly – switching between 8-bit and 16-bit graphics and looks awesome!

The Messenger is available on Steam.


SAMURAI INFERNO CASTLE (a.k.a. サムライ地獄〜九天魔城の謎〜) is a turn-based adventure game centered around an intriguing storyline about a strange castle, a mysterious girl, and samurai…!

The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2018 and will be available on iOS, Android, and Steam with potentially online multiplayer support. We look forward to checking out this game in more detail once it is released…

Block King by 銀(Gin)

Block King is a simple 2D platformer game about a blocky 2D king who can spawn 2 colored blocks in order to move around the stage as well as crush enemies, create elevators, and much more. The game is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2018 with 20-30 unique levels and will be available on PC.

Knuckle Sandwich by Andrew Brophy

Knuckle Sandwich is a Game Boy Advance style RPG about a new guy who moved to a new town and is looking for a job. Although we weren’t exactly told whether or not our hero actually ever lands himself/herself a job, we do know that the jobs he applies for are essentially countless mini-games you can play!

The game is scheduled for release in early 2019, meaning there is a lot more work that needs to be done, however, if you’re interested the demo is available for free on PC and Mac via

SIMULACRA by Kaigan Games

SIMULACRA is a kind of terrifying simulation game about a smartphone you find and decide to explore without the permission of the owner… (Never a good idea.) As you troll through this stranger’s smartphone you discover that the owner, a woman named Anna, is being harassed and needs – or needed💀 – help…

As you slowly discover more and more personal details about Anna, you can begin to communicate with others via Anna’s social media profiles, messaging apps, etc, allowing you to slowly learn the secrets of what actually happened to Anna.

Just like in the real world, if you chose to play this game to the end, you will have to screw someone up. There is no such thing as a pacifist ending…

With a hyper-realistic design such as real photos, videos, and applications for you to interact with, SIMULACRA is a cross between a game and a movie you may or may not want to play. Although very cool, it is also kind of creepy… (Beware: This is a horror movie in a game!)

SIMULACRA is available on iOS, Android, and Steam.

URA-LOGIQ³ (ウラロジQQQ) by ㊥Maruchu

URA-LOGIQ³ is an incredibly simple puzzle game about connecting pipes. Set on a grided 2D stage, the game is played by either “Clicking and Dragging” or “Touching and Dragging” pipe blocks around a grid in order to connect both the start and the end together.

Scheduled for release in 2019 on iOS, Android, Windows, (and maybe Steam), URA-LOGIQ³ will have 100 levels for you to puzzle your way through and will most likely be 100% free. No Ads, no Pay-to-Play, nothing!

As a player, this is an amazing game to keep an eye out for, and for those of you who would like something now, you can check out ㊥Maruchu’s official website where he distributes many more high-quality games 100% free of charge!

ASTRO NINJA MAN (アストロ忍者マン) by RIKI

ASTRO NINJA MAN is a game designed for the NES in 2017-2018. Honestly, we didn’t even know this was possible but it seems it is because we were given the chance to play the game!

Coded entirely in the Assembly Language ➡ which is required to program the Assembler ➡  which converts your code to Machine Language ➡ which can be written to an NES cartridge ➡ and played on an NES. The process sounds like a nightmare but can be done!

If you would like to try creating an NES game in 2018, check out for more information.

Counterhero Chapter 1 by Qrostar

Counterhero is a 4 part RPG about numbers. Set in a pixelated 2D world the game allows you to swap any numbers that appear in the game, allowing you to change or alter the actual game itself!

For instance, this dialog “Your hero did 4 damage. The enemy did 99 damage.” would normally mean you are dead… but in Counterhero you can alter it to say “Your hero did 99 damage. The enemy did 4 damage.” which obviously changes everything!

Using this mechanism you can change how much money you have, how much damage you deal or receive, and even how many houses/people there are in your village! WOW!

Once chapters 1-4 are completed, the game will be available to players on Steam.

…and this concludes our recap…😃

Sorry for the rather late Part 5, we were busy zipping around Japan.😅 Our full team is now back in the office, so expect to see more exciting news from Edamame Reviews! There is so much more we have yet to share with you all!

Hope you enjoyed our recap, expect to see more BitSummit news coming soon!

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