Big Hunter – What? You’ve never “hunted” a Mammoth?

When was the last time you went out mammoth hunting? What! you’ve never been? Well, now you can…

Big Hunter is a game about hunting mammoths in order to feed your starving village. After a series of natural disasters famine has struck and you – being the strongest man in the village – have been chosen to hunt mammoths to keep the village alive.

Equipped with a few spears, you as the player are required to help your little man hunt down a massive woolly mammoth using two simple controls. By tapping and holding the left side of the screen your player will back away – very useful when avoiding stomping mammoth feet 😱  – and by touching and pulling back on a spear you can easily throw it in any direction, a lot like the way you fire birds in Angry Birds.

The only downside we can see to this game as reviewers is just how cute all the characters are! Unlike Monster Hunter or every zombie killing game that has ever been released, the characters in Big Hunter are “Super Cute” giving the player a slight feeling of guilt after successful defeating a mammoth…

We’re sorry mammoths but we had to do it… 😭

If hunting mammoths sounds… fun… 😢

Ok, we’ll stop being silly now! Big Hunter is an amazingly well made game that, although somewhat sad, is definitely fun.

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