Have you ever been disappointed by an awesome trailer for a movie that turned out to be rubbish? Sometimes the trailer can be more interesting than the movie, but with games things work out a little differently. This is our review of Beat Racer…

Beat Racer is a beautiful game. The graphics look like something taken right out of TRON, and the way everything in the game moves in unison to the music is simply awesome! To be completely honest, there isn’t too much more you could do to make a game more visually perfect.

This said, all games have their faults and unfortunately with Beat Racer it seems to be in the control system.

Beat Racer’s concept is based around collecting “beats” – not the headphones but glowing crystals – and avoiding obstacles by rhythmically switching between lanes in your “TRON Light Cycle” like vehicle. The beats are positioned in unison to the rhythm of the music making their position rather easy to predict, making combos just that little bit more fun!

What could we possibly find wrong with a game like this, well possibly a bug. You see, your vehicle can not only move rapidly to the right or left but can also jump over wider obstacles that block off the stage entirely. Unfortunately for us, sometimes – about 20% of the time – our jumps were not registered, making playing the game rather difficult and a little frustrating. (It is probably an FPS issue.)

The Conclusion

Though it definitely is annoying to have your jumps ignored – I shouldn’t have hit that😡 – it definitely isn’t an issue big enough “not” to try this truly magnificent game.

The key difference between games and movies is that with a game there are updates, patches, and bug fixes that keep on making things better😉

If you’re into futuristic rhythm style games, Beat Racer is a game you have to try!

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