Balls n Bricks – Hard retro game

You have a turret that is constantly rotating, and your mission is to stop it at the right moment to shoot balls towards the bricks.

After each round, bricks will move downwards and a new row will appear at the top. If a brick makes it to the bottom of the screen you lose.

Sound easy? Well, the game is actually really challenging!
We have our ways of making it painful… 😈

Balls n Bricks

How to play?

You know that cliché: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master? Well, the controls in Balls n Bricks couldn’t be easier. You simply tap on the screen to stop a turret that will automatically shoot balls. That’s it!

Currently, there are 7 types of bricks that you can shoot. Some of them are just regular bricks that you need to destroy, some of them will give you power-ups and one will drop coins. Coins? Why do I need coins? Because we prepared a bunch of upgrades that you can buy.

Pro Tip: After each game, you will have a chance to roll a set of dice in order to earn some extra coins, this is a great way to buy upgrades quicker.

Balls n Bricks

Your goal is to beat your high score, you can compare your score with your friends or with the rest of the world. Achievements are also a big part of our game but don’t try to collect them all, that’s a goal for just the PRO players out there.

The most frustrating thing that bothers us as gamers is when we lose our saved game, that’s why we implemented cloud saving into Balls n Bricks!



Balls n Bricks

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