Think it’s about time you started crushing something other than candy? Today we’ve got a game about a cute puppy, his friend, and a whole lot of fruit…

Backyard Blast is a game about a puppy that was either accidentally – or deliberately – teleported into a colorful world far from home where he meets up with an extra cute gerbil and sets out on a spectacular adventure crushing fruit! Or at least, that’s what we think the story is about… the intro is very fast…

Whatever the reason, your mission in this game is to match up fruit in order to complete simple missions that allow you to gain points and move further through the game. Whether you’re a long time fan of mobile match 3 puzzle games or are considering downloading your first one today, Backyard Blast features one of the simplest gameplay systems we’ve ever seen in a match 3 puzzle game with this level of quality, which is definitely a feature worth consideration!

Played using a gameplay system that completely ignores diagonals and requires you to match a minimum of 2 fruit blocks, (not 3), in a single elimination, it’s not hard to imagine how simple and easy it is to both learn and play Backyard Blast.

For advanced players, this extra level of simplicity, unfortunately, means a lack of some features and functionally you may have become accustomed to in other such puzzle games. This being said, for beginners or players who don’t usually download this type of match 3 puzzle game, the extra level of simplicity offered in Backyard Blast is a very welcome addition.

With an ultra high end set of graphics, characters you’ll want to hug and over 160 levels (more coming soon) for you to complete, there really isn’t much to complain about in this fast, fun, simple, and free puzzle game. 😃

Has the irresistible cuteness of this match 3 puzzle game captivated your attention?
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