Awesome cosplay everywhere! But so hard to get around…

Cosplay is a big deal when it comes to game shows. Game shows are one of the main places where cosplayers can go their hardest and well… We underestimated the power of Japanese cosplayers…

A quick search on Twitter will soon show you the level of cosplay we are talking about, but perhaps not how hard it is to get out and about once the cosplayers are in town.😅

You see, once cosplayers enter the venues at Tokyo Game Show, the core dynamics of the show change into something entirely¬†different, actually making it “physically challenging” to move around the venue!

Although there are many gates and rules put into place to prevent the event from falling into complete and utter chaos (such as locations you are restricted from taking pictures of Cosplayers altogether) in general the worst place to venture is outdoors where the lighting is the best…

Outside the event halls at Tokyo Game Show is a mess of cosplayers and photographers all trying to find the best location to get that perfect shot everyone is after.

Now that you know a bit about how these photos were taken, here is a link to some of the best cosplay shots of Tokyo Game Show 2018. Check them out!

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