Do you know what Anpan are? Anpan are a Japanese desert-bread filled with an overly sweet red bean paste which is probably best described as DISGUSTING.😫 Although I personally hate Anpan, the majority of us at Edamame Reviews seem to like Anpan, maybe I’m just strange…😕

Anpan Stack (by 株式会社ディ-キュ-ブ) is a game about stacking an illogical number of Anpan into a basket in order to show off just how much time you have to waste on your hands.

Played using a simple set of “Touch and Drag” controls which allow you to carefully position each and every one of the Anpan you receive around your tower, Anpan Stack is one of those games you can go totally ballistic with, so long as you have plenty of time on your hands to spend stacking digital bread…🍞

If any one of your Anpan touches the ground outside your basket GAME OVER.

Anpan Stack

With simple graphics (i.e. less than impressive graphics), a moderately bug-free gameplay system (i.e. the game has some bugs), and not too many ads, (i.e. the game doesn’t have many ads), Anpan Stack is a game Anpan lovers with a lot of time on their hands “might” fall in love with…!

Who knows? The Internet is a strange place!

The Conclusion

Anpan Stack isn’t a great game so don’t expect too much. Although we don’t expect this game to be winning any “Best Game” awards anytime soon, if you’re after a fun little game you can play with your friends and family in your free time, Anpan Stack is a great little game to have.

Especially if you’re in love with disgusting delicious Anpan!😍

Want to give Anpan Stack a try? The download link is just below.📲
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