2048 Balls 3D – And the addiction continues…

2048 Balls 3D by Voodoo & SILA is a game which at this point should probably be bottled and sold at your local drug store – this game mechanic is just far too addictive! 😂

Based on the ultra-popular 2048 by Ketchapp, this game is 2048 re-hashed yet again to breath new life into this tried and true game mechanic that really took the world by storm!

If you’re a former 2048 addict we highly recommend quietly exiting this article now, because this is your last chance to turn back.

Gameplay Video 👇

Set in a small rectangular space, 2048 Balls 3D is all about dropping numbered balls down from above and merging them with other same sized balls in an attempt to make it to that magical number 2048!

If you remember our review of 2048 Bricks by Ketchapp or our review of Make11 by Zplay, this game is fairly similar, just a whole lot more modern. If you like the classic 2048 look you may want to check out one of these two older games.

Anyway, getting back to 2048 Balls 3D, the gameplay is so simple, there really isn’t a whole lot to be said. All you are given are a few powerups, and that’s about it. No skins, no in-game currency, nothing.

If you didn’t mind puzzling your life away playing 2048 back when it was the most popular game on the market, perhaps 2048 Balls 3D is a game you will want to check out?

Besides, you may only stay addicted for 6 months this time instead of 12 like last time! 😂

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