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Army Clash Review: Power-ups aren’t really power-ups…

Assuming you were the leader of an army of soldiers about to battle it out with yet another army of soldiers, would you rather have more troops than your opponent or fewer troops that are more skilled? The choice is yours because this is pretty much the question when playing Army Clash by Voodoo & Nathan Malville.

Army Clash is an excellent little game about battling it out with armies of increasing power and size as you gradually build up a unit of troops capable of taking out an opponent of any size – or at least that is what the game is supposed to be about.

In reality, Army Clash is less about strategy and more about trying not to screw up so badly that you can never fully recover. You see, unlike some battle simulator games where a single ultra-powerful solder can take out 100 weaker ones, this game is more realistic.

Although merging units together will create stronger soldiers, it will also reduce the total number of soldiers dealing damage to your opponents which often actually results in your army becoming weaker!

The obvious solution to this dilemma would just be to never merge units together, but with only a limited number of spaces in which you can place new units, at some point you will need to merge soldiers in order to make room for new troops.

As simple as it may look, Army Clash is actually one of the harder battle simulator games we have played in recent times with a surprising amount of the core game mechanic revolving around strategy and skill. Our advice to new players would be to never merge units unless you are out of space. That way you will always have the upper hand when it comes to numbers which “at this stage” seems to be more important than the actual skill of your troops.

Our playthrough of Army Clash level 1-5

Want to give Army Clash a try? The download link is just below.📲

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