Our interview with Moby Pixel the developer of Bumpin’ Dungeon

Do you remember our review of Bumpin’ Dungeon? For anyone who hasn’t played this incredible compilation of game design genius and pixel art, you are missing out on one of the coolest little puzzle games we’ve featured recently. If you have yet to check out our review of Bumpin’ Dungeon, you can do so here!…


Bumpin’ Dungeon now available on iOS and Android

Bumpin’ Dungeon (by Moby Pixel) is now available on iOS and Android for you to puzzle your weekend away. Set in a beautifully animated 2D world Bumpin’ Dungeon will satisfy your eyes with gorgeous pixel graphics while also exercising your brain with some rather challenging puzzles. For anyone who missed our initial review of the…


Bumpin’ Dungeon – This is a game design masterpiece!

Bumpin’ Dungeon (by Moby Pixel) could potentially be the best retro-ish game we have ever reviewed – and it isn’t because of the graphics.  Set on a gridded 2D map, Bumpin’ Dungeon is basically a roguelike adventure game only simplified for mobile devices with some hyper-modern touches. Played by swiping anywhere on the screen in order…