Zhengyang Qu’s review of Twin Shooter – Invaders

The graphics of Twin Shooter are really amazing, such as the attack effect. Moreover, Twin Shooter is a good time-killer, I tried with that and cannot stop playing round-by-round.

The single player mode has a unique design. You are controlling two ships, one down each side of the screen. Both of them keeping firing. You need to be careful not to kill yourself.

The multi-player game is much more engaging. Your friend and you control one battle ship each. You need to closely correlate with your friend to survive.   

The game doesn’t rest on its laurels either, throwing in ships that can only be shot from one direction, boss fights, and a handful of other ideas to keep you on your toes.

Coupled with a neat retro look and a solid soundtrack, this is a solid arcade blaster that comes to life when you’ve got a friend or enemy sitting opposite you.

You can easily connect with your friend from third party social networks, such as Google+. I just got into the game and surprisingly found out a lot of friends are also playing.

After playing a few times it becomes a little repetitive. If you’re a hardcore gamer you need to reach higher waves to really enjoy the game. (After wave 24 the true challenge starts.)

Twin Shooter - Invaders_SS1

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