At Edamame Reviews we have featured many games where the main objective is to build an infinitely tall tower. This is why when we first saw today’s game we weren’t “overly” excited. Seriously, it’s just another tower building game isn’t it? What’s so special about that? …you’ll be surprised….

Yo! Let’s UP is the first mobile tower building game we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews where failure is an option. (Dropping a brick down here or there won’t exactly kill you.) At first, this may sound crazy. If failure is an option how on earth is this game ever supposed to end? How do you GAME OVER?

If worried thoughts like this are flashing through your mind we assure you, you can GAME OVER. In fact, you will often die before you’re even 10 seconds into the game!

Set in a pixelated 2D world, your mission in this game is to use your player to jump on 2D blocks that slide in from the left and right sides of your screen in order to build your tower higher. Obviously, the higher your tower gets the more wonky and bent your tower becomes. And so, to prevent your tower from crumbling, every 5-10 jumps or so you’ll find floating coin like items you can collect to instantly straighten/balance out your tower, thus preventing it from crumbling.

Now, even if your tower crumbles after taking all these safety precautions, don’t worry, you can still build your tower up again because you’re not dead! At this point, you are probably wondering, “How on Earth do you die in this game?”, and the simple answer is, if your player misses a jump and gets hit in the side, GAME OVER.

Although you can die extremely easily – especially if you’re not focusing – you will very rarely die because 1 or 2 blocks fell to the ground. The most annoying way to die in stacker games.😡

Do phrases like “fall down 6 times get up 7” inspire you? If so, Yo! Let’s UP is a game you really need to try. With a unique stacker gameplay system that doesn’t take every chance possible to kill you, this is a game we recommend to anyone who doesn’t enjoy the majority of stacker games.

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