Yo! Let’s Stretch – Is this game actually impossible…!?

I hate to break it to you, but some games just aren’t fun. As game reviewers, we have been told that games we rank as being easy are often really challenging for the average player who doesn’t spend all day reviewing video games… Which is why when we say something is “seemingly impossible” we really mean it…

This review is going to be more focused toward developers, but if you are interested please continue reading! 😆

Yo! Let’s Stretch (by NOPOPO) is a game that doesn’t really make sense… Sure the concept is simple – tap on the screen of your device in order to stretch your player up to a moving platform, and release in order to snap back to your original size and land on the platform – this makes sense, but the way in which it was implemented just doesn’t.

Just to add a little context, this game does not have an in-game tutorial explaining how the game is supposed to be played. This makes sense, since Yo! Let’s Stretch is a fairly simple game, but leaving it up to the player to figure out when and where to tap and release seems a little absurd considering how small the window for a successful jump (or stretch) is. We were forced to watch two 30-second Ads before we even managed to complete our first successful jump.

This leads on to the second issue we have with Yo! Let’s Stretch. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things enough to sort-of get from one stage to the next without dying too much, you will soon realize that there is no way for you to undo or avoid any errors with your timing.

The gravity in Yo! Let’s Stretch is so slow, letting your player fall back down to the last platform you were on isn’t an option, and continuing to stretch out your player will eventually kill you. There is nothing worse for a player than to know you have died and that there is nothing you can do about it before the game has even ended…

Although the graphics are great, the characters are cute, and the controls are simple, we can’t see ourselves playing or recommending this game to anyone simply because of the tiny details no one sees, but everyone feels.

The point of this article isn’t to bash Yo! Let’s Stretch. One small update and this game could become amazing! The point is, when you are developing a game, playability should be your main focus. Everything else comes second…

The Conclusion

If the developers of Yo! Let’s Stretch don’t hate us, hopefully, we will have a chance to check out Yo! Let’s Stretch, a few updates down the line from now!

Will it change? That is not for us to decide, but considering how good every other game from NOPOPO has been so far, we have faith they will deliver a fun game we can all enjoy. But for now, we would rather not be stuck on a desolate island with Yo! Let’s Stretch as our only source of entertainment.

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