Yatzy Ultimate Free

Ok, before we kick off this review, we’d like to make one confession. This was our first time ever playing Yatzy, and we had way too much fun…

For all of you like us, who have never in their life heard of or played Yatzy, our advice would be to download it. Yatzy Ultimate comes with an awesome tutorial explaining all the rules and details you could ever needed. And covers much more than we could in a short review.

Ok, for all of you who have played Yatzy before, this may be what you have been waiting for. If you’re still playing Yatzy Ultimate Free with a pen and paper; maybe a calculator to add up the scores; and an uncle who is continually pestering you to hurry up with things- your life has just gotten a whole lot easier.

Yatzy Ultimate truly is the ultimate. You are given four modes to choose from.

Training, a single player mode, where you can brush up on your skills before you face off your uncle; Online mode, our personal favorite, where you can always find someone to play with; Bet mode, where you can bet on your own score; and lastly, Nearby mode, where the battle against your uncle really begins.

After practicing a few times in Training mode we quickly picked up the gist of the game and decided to put our skills to the test on the online mode. It took us three tries, but by the end of our third try we had won our first game and were already well and truly addicted…

Yatzy Ultimate Free_SS1 Yatzy Ultimate Free_SS2

Whether you’ve been playing Yatzy for years, or have only just sparked an interest, Yatzy Ultimate it no doubt the easiest way to learn and play Yatzy.

If you’re looking for a cool game to play with your family this Christmas, we think you may have just found it…

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