Some things can be ended with a simple “Sorry.” Burning your parents house down, crashing your dad’s car, and brushing your teeth with the wrong toothbrush are all classic examples of things that are not forgivable with a simple “Sorry…”

Wire #SorryBro by Ketchapp is a fancy new minimalist game where instead of showing you a massive flashing “GAME OVER!” each time you die shows you a simple #SorryBro instead. Whether you take this as a simple act of kindness to cheer you up, or an annoying way of saying “You Suck” is completely up to you, but either way, you’re going to be seeing it a lot…

Wire #SorryBro is a game that takes no shame in killing you! Played using a wire that bends up when you touch the screen of your device and bends down when you release, your mission in this game is to whizz through colorful obstacle-filled stages without touching anything.

Although this simple gameplay system of “not touching anything” should – in theory – make playing Wire #SorryBro super easy, it actually makes surviving all the more difficult! You see, the graphics in Wire #SorryBro are based on a constantly changing color scheme that, although awesome to look at, make playing the game surprisingly confusing.

Even though it should be easy to mentally single out all the gray obstacles to avoid, put into actual practice, and Wire #SorryBro will trick you time after time again, killing you in some simple way you just can’t accept(!) forcing you to play the game just once more…

The Conclusion

If you are a fan of stylish graphics and don’t mind having your afternoon eaten up by a game you just can’t beat(!), chances are Wire #SorryBro is a game you will greatly enjoy!

Ready to lose your weekend to a simple #SorryBro? The download link is just below😉

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