WIND runner adventure – A game above and beyond anything we would have ever expected…

WIND runner adventure is a pretty standard 2D/3D runner game. Set on a pretty normal stage, featuring pretty normal obstacles you must avoid using pretty normal controls, …at a glance you probably won’t notice anything all that special or different about this game… (until you talk a second look and notice the quality!)

You see, although very standard gameplay-wise, WIND runner adventure is one of the best looking runner games we’ve ever seen! With fluid animations, the best 2D/3D graphics available, and of course, lots of effects. (Seriously, there are more effects in this one game alone than there are in most of the games we reviewed this week combined!)

WIND runner adventure looks like it belongs on a console, not on your smartphone…

Now, although this game looks amazing, as we said above, it definitely isn’t the newest thing on the market “innovation wise.” The controls are relatively standard, (tap to jump, double-tap to double-jump) and the obstacles and tasks you are required to perform definitely aren’t the newest…

If you’re the type of gamer who constantly wants the latest features, this may not be the game for you.

But for us, we believe having wonderful graphics, cool animations, dazzling effects, and a well established solid gameplay system is a more than fair tradeoff for “newness.”

Would you like the highest quality 2D/3D runner game currently available for mobile?

With the best of the best used in almost every aspect of the game including the price tag (i.e. it’s FREE) there’s no reason for you not to give this game a try!

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