Wind Rider! – Risky can be better than 1st place…

From the perspective of a game developer who gets the most Ad revenue when you GAME OVER, having a game you can play for 5 minutes or longer without dying isn’t actually all that great… Whether or not this has anything to do with the way Wind Rider! (by Voodoo) was designed we do not know but, here comes our review anyway!

Wind Rider! is a game about gliding, avoiding obstacles and taking risks – remember that last one because it is very important.

Whereas a normal racing game rewards you for coming first, Wind Rider! rewards you for both coming first and taking risks. Although this will change once you start advancing through the game, at first it is fairly easy for you to gain the same number of points per race as the guy who came first by simply taking risks. 😅

Set in what is starting to feel like the generic Voodoo style, a low poly 3D city, your mission in this game is to glide over and under bridges, speed through alleyways, and fly through hoops for extra speed and points (or money).

You can also gain extra points which quickly add up by flying close to objects that could kill you, kind of like a near miss bonus you see in a lot of games lately. If you finish the race in 1st place your score is multiplied by 10 – If you come 2nd it is multiplied by 5 – and if you finish 3rd it is multiplied by 2.

…so with all this, how do you expect players to play the game… yeah…

You are going to die a lot in this game which is no doubt exactly what the developers want and exactly what you are going to do.😂

With simple and easy to understand controls, a nice design, and as you’d expect, lots of Ads, this is a game where we felt as though we were playing right into the hand of the developer, but still had a lot of fun none the less – which is kind of annoying…😭

The Conclusion

Have you wondered what it would be like to glide down the side of a mountain in one of those glider-suits you see in pretty much every Go-Pro commercial ever?

Well, perhaps you should try playing Wind Rider! first, because the worst that can happen to you here is… a 30 second Ad… 😂

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