Have you ever thought about how difficult life as a wolf could be? Imagine, you have to go running from here to there, avoid traps, dodge bears, jump from cliffs, all while you look for food… it’s definitely a hard life, right?

Although life as a wolf could be a lot harder, it would probably be a lot more fun!
In Wild Hunger you will find yourself immersed in a colorful valley, filled with carefully crafted Low-Poly visuals. There are a lot of animals for you to eat, but you will also find a lot of obstacles and dangerous animals that you will want to avoid. Especially, if you don’t want to finish your journey too soon.💀

This could be dangerous, but all risky journeys have their rewards. In each adventure you begin, you have the opportunity of finding lots of coins, mysterious boxes with amazing rewards, precious gems and helpful boosts that will help you to reach farther into the valley than any other wolf.

How to play?

Ok, all of this is challenging and fun, but we will give you a few tips to help you a little bit.

First of all, this game is an endless runner where the speed increases over time, making the game more intense the longer you play. At high speeds, the jump can reach farther than at low speeds. Use it to your advantage!

Be careful with bears, they can follow you, so think carefully about where to dodge them.

Don’t try to take all the things you see, evaluate the danger, maybe it will be easier to collect later.

When you can, increase your wolf’s abilities. “Jump Height” allows you to reach news paths or even jump over animals like bears, “Steering Speed” allows you to move faster laterally, so you can dodge easier and “Herd of Wolves” allows you to call your pack of wolves more often.

Your wolf’s abilities can improve. Try to survive for as long as possible, because the skills you need to survive can only be obtained by playing the game and experience.


Wild Hunger has a procedural design, so each game will be different and a new challenge for you. With 14 awesome unlockable skins, (so that you can be the coolest wolf in the valley), and a bunch of unlockable achievements, you can improve your high score and compare with players worldwide.

Go as far as you can and become the Alpha Wolf of Wild Hunger!



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