Are you an indie game developer? If so, chances are you’ll love playing Wiggle Whale (by 111%) for all the reasons we hate playing it! What on earth are we talking about(!?) keep reading to find out! This is our “very nerdy” review of Wiggle Whale by 111%…

Just as a disclaimer, we didn’t enjoy playing this game. Although we will try to be fair, please keep in mind that this review is from the perspective of people who didn’t enjoy playing Wiggle Whale.

Wiggle Whale is an incredibly annoying game! Although there are a whole heap of things we would like to complain about: “Such as the lack of additional control options other than a standard Virtual Joystick” what we would like to complain about most is the fact that your player, (a very cute Killer Whale), never actually gets any stronger or more powerful! That we are aware of so far…

All games handle levels differently, so there is a chance our Killer Whale will suddenly power up into something amazing, however as far as we know, we are stuck with the same stats as when we first installed the game on our device. For reference, this is like playing a Pokemon game where your Pokemon never ever level up…

So why would any developer choose to do this? Well, in the case of Wiggle Whale it was probably because they had a clever alternative we kind of hate…

Instead of leveling up your player, Wiggle Whale simply doubles the number of points you receive at the end of each game each time you level up. This eliminates the need for a carefully thought out difficulty curve or any extra challenging obstacles or opponents. How clever!

Although this may sound like a very good and tempting idea at first, it has 2 problems.

The first is the fact that Wiggle Whale is an incredibly challenging game. You are pretty much dumping your brand new players into what would be the equivalent of the FINAL BATTLE in any other shooter game.

The second is a lot simpler. People get sick of repetitive games very quickly, especially when you die every 15 seconds.

If you are a developer looking for a quick and easy way to speed up your development, not allowing your player to level up is a legitimate option. For instance, Smash Brothers doesn’t allow you to level up your favorite and yet it is still one of the most popular games ever produced by Nintendo.

It does work, however only under certain situations.

The Conclusion

If you still don’t have any idea what sort of game Wiggle Whale is after reading our review. Wiggle Whale is basically a 2D space shooter game played in the ocean with whales and missiles.

If you want to give it a try, please go ahead! However, we didn’t really enjoy it…

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