Do you take pride in the games you allow yourself to play? Are you a snobby gamer who can’t stand lowering your standards to what is considered “normal” by most mobile gamers? If so, today we’ve got a game other than Monument Valley 2 you may want to check out…

White Trip is an exquisite 3D avoider type game that – said bluntly – is pretty much Tiny Wings in 3D, minus everything that makes Tiny Wings in 2D cute. Set in a beautiful snowy valley on the verge of nightfall your mission in this game is to race the ever glowing sunset. Slightly Romantic…?😘 …Ahh, not really…😕

Played using either a set of (Touch and Drag) controls or a set of (Tilt Controls) to move your player, (a massive glowing eagle), around the screen of your device, White Trip is centered around collecting/capturing other glowing animals in order to gain extra time while avoiding dark animals and obstacles.

The gameplay system is fairly straightforward and easy to play so long as you have a fairly new device. For some reason, we first saw this game on an Xperia Z2 and found the game a little too slow/laggy to consider fun and enjoyable…😅

With a minimal number of ads, a number of different stages to unlock, and a soothing soundtrack to trick you into thinking you are doing a good job, White Trip is a beautiful new game you may want to add to your collection of beautiful games you allow yourself to play.

The Conclusion

In need of a speedy new avoider game with dazzling graphics to add to your collection? White Trip along with HyperburnerTIME LOCKER, and a bunch of our other favorites is a game you’ll probably want to check out.

Ready to fly into the blazing sunset? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following