Warp Shift by FISHLABS – Review

FISHLABS has done it once again… Somehow, this insanely talented team of developers have once again managed to go one step further than anyone else. How do you guys keep doing this…?!

For anyone not quite “geeky” enough to know, FISHLABS is the team that brought Galaxy on Fire 2 – “The Best” 3D space shooter ever made for mobile – to the App store and Google play.

Once again this truly amazing team have created a game changer game (Pun intended😉) but this time it’s not in the action packed space shooter industry, but in the slow and thoughtful world of puzzles…

Warp Shift is a console grade 3D puzzle game for your mobile device. Set in a mysterious underground chamber, the game begins when a young girl, “Pi” – your player – finds the remains of a large shooting star while walking in the forest. If that isn’t cool enough, she then finds a floating rubix cube like creature, and a massive underground chamber she and her companion fall into a little before she attains the ability to fly…! What a busy day😓

If you want to find out more you’ll just have to play the game because we could write about it forever…

The puzzles in this game are made up of blocks you can move around to create a path from your player to a portal. Your goal in this game is to clear each puzzle in as few moves as possible to gain 3 stars – relatively standard puzzle game rules.

At first a little logic and time will get you through most puzzles relatively easily, but about 15 minutes in and the puzzles will increase in difficulty so fast you’ll be scratching your head for hours before you finally figure out the perfect answer…


If you’re really serious about your puzzles, this game will delight you! The seer quality of Warp Shift is enough to amaze anyone from any genre of gaming, but in the puzzle industry?!

Warp Shift is a leap ahead of any puzzle game we’ve ever reviewed on Edamame Reviews and will no doubt stay that way for a long time… This game is Awsome✨

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