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We’ve reviewed quite a few puzzles in the past, some of which are awsome! …while others, not so cool… Today we’ve been given the privilege to share with you what may be the most “beautifully puzzling” puzzle we’ve reviewed to date. This is our review of voi.

voi looks like an impossible game. Looking at the pieces you are given it “should be” physically impossible to clear this game… Well, this game is a game changer!

voi is another mind twisting game form the team, this time based around the simple rule (Black + Black = White), and boy is it cool!

Being the first mosaic type puzzle game to ever feature on Edamame Reviews this game has set the benchmark in the sky!

Similarly to most normal mosaic games, voi is played by simply copying a given shape using the pieces you are given. (Standard mosaic game rules.) Where things get interesting are when shapes begin to overlap…! You see, when two black shapes overlap, the overlapping section of the two black objects is changed to a clear white color, the opposite of what it was!

Using this principle you can create the most fantastically crazy shapes with pieces that, at first glance, would look impossible!

If you need a game that will get you thinking in the morning, this is it. Though puzzling, voi definitely isn’t a hard game making it perfect for a gentle brain workout to go with your coffee in the morning.

Want to try it out? The download link is just below😉

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