Vito – A “Fluff Ball” is the main character…!? Awesome!

Are you psyched for the release of Super Mario Brothers on iOS! We are! And that’s why today we’ve got a nifty little 2D platformer about a Fluff Ball, a Dog, and a Hairy Villain, to help you wait out the time till Super Mario Brothers goes live…!

Vito is a basic platformer game you can find on consoles everywhere… Just, Vito is for mobile, and if you’ve played a bunch of platformers for mobile, you probably already know just how hard it is to find a platformer that works “normally” on mobile devices😉

With a gameplay system that revolves mostly around Vito’s awesome physics engine, this game is about rolling through enemy, trap, and doggy treat filled stages in search of your pet dog which was abducted by a Hairy Villain!

The game is played using a relatively standard set of touch controls (Left and Right controls on your left, and a Jump Button on your right) that are surprisingly easy to use due to the game’s relatively slow moving characters and enemies.

With tons of powerups, heaps of physics based gimmicks to play with, and around 30 levels to keep you entertained, this game is perfect for knocking off a little rust before you take on Super Mario Brothers!

Now, we haven’t forgotten that there is a chance you just want a platformer. (Who cares about Super Mario Brothers anyway?)

If that is the case, we’d still recommend you take a look at Vito. With a relatively slow and easy going pace – which is perfect for mobile devices where you can’t ram physical buttons – this game should be just right for the average mobile gamer.

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