Vault! – A simple physics based 2D runner game

Do you love simple, 2D, arcade style runner games? If so, we’ve found something so “plain”, so “normal”, so “unexciting” at first sight, you’ll probably wonder why we’re even telling you about it… Until you notice the pole…

Vault! is one of the plainest endless 2D runner / jumper games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews thus far. With only one control, (tap to vault / jump) Vault! is basically a 2D runner game where all you ever do is literally run and jump, boring…  or is it?

You see, Vault’s gameplay system is based almost entirely around its 2D physics engine, allowing you the player to play the game naturally from pretty much the start. Normally this would be a bad thing, (seriously, who want’s to play a runner game where your player can only jump as high as your average guy) and so the Nitrome Team added, “you guessed it”, a pole.

Obviously adding a pole for pole vaulting will make the game just a little less natural for the majority of us, (unless you happen to do pole vaulting) but overall the game is still played pretty much how you’d expect it to if it were in real life, with the occasional exception of a walking fish or two… (We love Nitrome’s graphics.)

If you find that you are most addicted to games that feel natural, Vault! is a simple runner game that could almost be incorporated into a Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

With awesome 2D physics based gameplay, simple controls (seriously there’s only “one” button) and a walking fish to add a little humor, this game won’t disappoint you.

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